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If God gives us talents and gifts, it is not right that they should be hidden by us, rather we should share them with others to grow together for a better life.

'In the Space of Heart' is a blog inspired by my soul.

Life is more than just being in time from birth to death. True existence is a multidimensional journey, whose goal is to unite with God. The result of this journey is constant spiritual development. Development for you and your soul. “In the Space of Heart” is a good place on the internet. You will find here many reflections and conclusions which have arisen from our journey through all that Is. My soul and I want to share this with you. If we will help or inspire even one person; we will be very happy. That will mean that everything that we do makes sense.

Ps. Please read the message in the 'terms of use' tab about how to benefit from this blog. Thank you with all my heart.

Sylwia Sadowska

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.
The energies from the Central Sun moved toward Earth. These are powerful, source codes of God's Will light flowing to us from the Creation Center. The changes currently taking place in the world are taking place under His supervision. He is now...
We lived to see. We are at the threshold of a huge energy leap, for which we have been prepared since 2012. We are asking for an energetic octave higher in experience, to the next developmental fractal. It is in less than two weeks.
The wheel of life is complementary elements that, when existing, result from each other creating a fragile but solid foundation for Existence. All together and everything together creates the whole - Divine Creation. Powerful and unusual is...
Once you will find a common ground with your soul; she will tell you about her previous incarnations. You will understand some aspects of yourself, because the experiences/consciousness’s of the soul, creates her character which manifests itself in...
The dominant feature of the human angel is a great sensitivity and emotionality; or rather hypersensitivity. Focusing on his inner self. It is a conscious action or just an escape from the world and life. It depends on how the Earthly angel copes...
If the soul/inner voice/your intuition asks you to do something and this is consistent with your heart then do it. If there is truth in you, which you carry in yourself and you want to talk about it – do it. This is the right time. You will be...
We call God love; but this is very generally. Divine love, like white light, contains and illuminates with a spectrum of other colours.
Friendship with the soul is about taking and giving to each other. Sometimes it will come to comfort our soul in her sorrow. She helps me; I help her. Since we were becoming as one; we experience together.
There was a time in my life when I thought: My God, why am I so sad? How did this happen and why? Where is the joy and faith of younger years?
Do you know where you are coming from? You are an Earthling, or maybe a star traveller? What is your purpose for being here? Regardless of: all theories; the history of your creation; your DNA; the source of your origin or the path you have chosen;...
The first sign is that you think globally. You have a pro-social attitude. If you are doing something, you should always have in the background a cause, that your actions should bring benefit to others, the Earth and the next generations.
There are many ways to achieve conscious existence. The final result is always similar. A free, happy man; aware of the world and himself. A man who recognized and worked on himself.
For many of us it is the time to learn and work on yourself. This is not an easy time, if only because there is no universal knowledge, and everyone goes along with the soul’s own unique and lonely path. Where you are going; the soul is going. Both...
Question: What is it like when the soul leaves the body? What then? I am only one of the incarnations. What will happen to me? What happens to the consciousness of past incarnations when the soul has a new body?
You are the light of the world and that is the only truth about you. You came here to be the light.
You are a child of God. You are a saint.
You are the Holy Trinity. The Christian Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are in fact the allegory of you and the simple mystery of existence; God, Son means you and the Holy Spirit is your soul. That is all.
Each of us creates his own universe which has unique frequencies that are right for us.
Before I could just turn around; my soul became my best friend. An adviser and interpreter of the spiritual world, everyday events, laws of the Universe. A signpost on the way to myself, life and God.
Since 1986, it is known that there is a pulse of the planet; named by his discoverer the Schumann resonance. This is the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth, which value is 7.83 Hz. After 2012, the amplitudes of the Earth's pulse are subject to...
Many people feel bad lately; physically, emotionally or in both aspects. This is the next stage of change. Today I received information that we should connect with the heart of Earth. Cleanse and heal yourself in the crystalline energy of the...
I do not need anything more than just to be. To watch life and the world through my heart. To unite my heart and the heart of the Earth in one with God. To love, admire and absorb.
Your greatest power is hidden under your shadow. What you fight with, in fact, controls you.
Woman, whatever you do, you create life. The Earth has a feminine energy. It is the energy of unconditional love. We women have a great power within.