w przestrzeni serca
If God gives us talents and gifts, it is not right that they should be hidden by us, rather we should share them with others to grow together for a better life.

'In the Space of Heart' is a blog inspired by my soul.

Life is more than just being in time from birth to death. True existence is a multidimensional journey, whose goal is to unite with God. The result of this journey is constant spiritual development. Development for you and your soul. “In the Space of Heart” is a good place on the internet. You will find here many reflections and conclusions which have arisen from our journey through all that Is. My soul and I want to share this with you. If we will help or inspire even one person; we will be very happy. That will mean that everything that we do makes sense.

Ps. Please read the message in the 'terms of use' tab about how to benefit from this blog. Thank you with all my heart.

Sylwia Sadowska

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.
"You were born as a messenger of light to heal. God and his angels know which specific role in healing will bring you the most joy; so they guide you through intuitive impulses to certain aspects of healing. Some of the messengers of light will...
The world is fractal. When you get to the end of a certain stage; you will automatically go to the next level. Work starts from the beginning, but at a completely different, new level.
It is such a soul that is the light of God. It is energized by him; immerses and grows in him. The light of God manifests through the incarnation, who is generally speaking a good man who loves himself, others and life.
When you set your back, there is always someone who would like to ride on them.
This Civilization is moving towards the end of its existence. Part of humanity has a chance to rise and give birth to a new man of the higher dimensions. However, not everyone in this group will reach the end of this process. Some of them will stop...
If only we could drop out of the tension of the daily routine which accompanies us in our adult life, which is serious and full of duties. Then we could notice how beautiful the world is and how everything in it happens in a carefree manner. It...
Who are you? You are the love of your father and mother – creator. You are the breath of the great spirit. You are a star-traveller which is traveling through the eons of events and universes.
There was a time, when I was doing intensive training in perceiving the world differently. My soul said: Nothing is what it seems at first glance. Look beyond the borders and patterns. Look beyond the divisions.
The soul is an immortal being within the Universe in which it exists. This means that it will exist as long as the Universe in which she lives will exist. Souls have different sources of origins, but each of the sources have their beginning with...
In the first circle – the house of God; there is a perfect, undistorted silence. The silence of all silences.
Would you like to achieve something, but you think you are unable? This is incorrect thinking. You want to, you can and you will do it! Each of us has dreams and ambitions which we do not fulfil because of doubt. There are events that exist in the...