w przestrzeni serca
Spiritual development is about overcoming our own limits. When you cross your limits; you will start another journey towards the next truth. You are developing; your potentials are growing.

Each of us creates our own universe which has unique frequencies that are right for us. With these frequencies, we reach far into the space of All That Is; we interact with the universes of other beings. That is why each of us has a different perspective; each of us has its own unique path. That is why there are many truths, and each of them is true. In your journey through life, listen to your heart; and verify with your heart what is coming to you.

When the drops merge; an ocean is formed. When the light is dispersed; a rainbow appears. However, in its nature the rainbow is still a light, that we can observe it in its beautiful spectacle; in spite of all its complexity.

Blog visitors. Welcome.

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.

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