Paths of life: A true story

There was a time, when I was doing intensive training in perceiving the world differently. My soul said: Nothing is what it seems at first glance. Look beyond the borders and patterns. Look beyond the divisions.

A while ago, God placed in my path a woman which had been working in the oldest profession in the world. My soul said: You have to help her.

She was internally beautiful. Her soul was beautiful. Her scent was like the warmth of a family home. To this warmth came men which were thirsty for emotions unattainable in the light of day. And I started to love her heartily.

When we met first time, my soul said: Man comes in need. What will you do with it? – I will not despise. Since God sent, I will help. Just guide me, soul, because I do not know how.

The day we met in reality was an extraordinary day. It was the kind of day where you would not change absolutely anything. Not a single step, not a single word, not a single breath. It was a beautiful day. A gift from God for us and for our souls.

We had seen each other several times, we had talked many times. Until one day I said something that hurt her. I do not know why but I was irritated. Today I cannot understand my tension. The silence lasted for three days. It was three days of transformation for her and three days of thinking about my behaviour for myself.

When I made contact with her again, there had been a strong apology on both sides. However, after a short while it turned out that everything is in the divine order. The plans of God are mysterious, and the wisdom of our souls is great! In these three days, she found herself, her inner power. It was three days, after which she finally stopped apologizing for the way she was living. It was three days, after which she was no longer afraid to fight for herself, oppose me or others to defend herself, her beliefs, her life. I realized that my role in her life was over. The time had come where she was ready to go alone along the path of her own life because she began to love herself. She made herself and her soul the centre of her own universe. She fulfilled this first, basic condition. That is why she is worthy of divine gifts. She will help herself and others. I also understood that her life is perfect the way it is at this time, and that divine plans are inscrutable! And God sends angels to such a life, to its lining, to lift man from its knees. She is one of them.

It was an important lesson for me. I realized that for God there is no impossible thing to do. That if he will make decisions, then there is no need for complicated practices to experience gifts and grace. What matters is that, which you have in your heart.

I also reminded to myself, that if I will just open my mind and I will go beyond the patterns, I will clearly see, that nothing is as it seems at first glance. I will see the infinite wisdom of the universe, God and soul, who brings this wisdom to us – humans.

The strength of human hope is a powerful force. Thank you my beloved soul and God for this lesson of life. Thus it was fulfilled the reason for us meeting.

PS. When we look at life from the soul's perspective, all schemes/restrictions/rules lose their meaning.
All the best.