The joy of life

If only we could drop out of the tension of the daily routine which accompanies us in our adult life, which is serious and full of duties. Then we could notice how beautiful the world is and how everything in it happens in a carefree manner. It happens naturally, with almost the brazen simplicity and joy of existence. Just stop running for a moment and look at it with your heart. Take a deep breath and feel the scent of the world, feel the wind on your face and sun on your cheek. Look at the flowers and the clouds flowing in the sky.

If I would have a handful of balloons, first I would enjoy looking at them, then I would let them go. Maybe they could warm someone else’s heart? Not maybe, but certainly they could! Such a balloon which fly’s around without any purpose, can be like a kiss from the Universe. A sign for someone who just notices it. Hey! Look! I`m here!

Or maybe an angel could lead it to you, so you can spot it?

I would release all of those balloons and one of them I would keep for myself. In some beautiful colour – red, yellow, orange, blue like the eyes of God. I would tie it to my clothes and walk with it around the world. It could fly above me unflushed and remind me about a very important thing: the joy of life.

I can see how adults are amazed - some of them are tapping their foreheads, some of them are laughing, but maybe others could attach a balloon to their clothes as well. If all of them could do this, what a view it could be! I can see a bunch of kids running and laughing next to me. They want me to show them this balloon so they could touch it. They ask me: Why do you have it? Can I also have one? Of course you can. You can do everything! And for sure you can feel the joy of life…

Before you will think, dear reader, that I am crazy and this all is just nonsense, think how it is with you? Could you attach a balloon to your clothes or would you start tapping your forehead? Or maybe you would stop with curiosity and think: What this is all about?

I wish to you wild and unjustifiable joy.