The strength of desire

Would you like to achieve something, but you think you are unable? This is incorrect thinking. You want to, you can and you will do it! Each of us has dreams and ambitions which we do not fulfil because of doubt. There are events that exist in the imperfect sphere of potential and it is up to our attitude whether they have the chance to materialize or not.

I would like to or rather I want to?

On which side of the barricade are you standing? People who in the perspective of the coming years imagine themselves in another place or people who do not see a bright future and they do not expect more than everyday life? There is nothing wrong with the free flow of the stream of life. The point is to not lose sight of possibility. You never know when something will happen that can change our position. In the perspective of human life, such ground breaking situations happen on at least a few occasions. Groundwork is to be capable to capture them and use the changes which they carry within in such a way that they will bring benefits and development to us. Sometimes in life we do not know what we want from the world and from ourselves. If we have a dream, we know in which way we want to lead our life – we are already winners. Don`t be afraid to fight for yourself and your beloved ones.

Talking or thinking about the future, I am putting it in the sphere of I want; I will; I do. What does it do? A lot. Such an approach causes the events to exist in the perspective of the decision which was made, and the decision means the action. It is forces me to take specific steps. It Evokes events and makes them materialize. Often in the least expected moment and form. For actions that I take, often I need to pay the price. Sometimes very high. However, if I know the purpose of my effort; because I see my goal (or I intuitively sense it), then it is easier to bear the cost and handle it. I also do not lose alertness. I never know what will come to me from any given situation. Sometimes even in a distant perspective. Have you noticed, that the motivational recordings set the listener toward the situation which has already been accomplished? The point is to switch our thinking from the “I would like to” to “I want to”.

Criticism? Only constructive!

I do not listen to criticism. Especially from those people who sit for years on the seats of their lives. I can accept remarks, but only those which improve my development. Yes, I am an egoist. Egoistic of my own life. I meet (even among my closest), such people which for various reasons throw logs under my feet (also emotional). Fortunately, I also meet people which can respect my choice. They will advise or give me a helping hand. I stick by these people.

It seems that “I want” and “I would like to” mean the same thing. However, these concepts are divided by an abyss of possibilities. If “I would like to” do something, it means that I am waiting till something happens. Miracles from heaven, an unknown rich aunt from abroad will appear and suddenly I will become a billionaire. None of these kind of things. These kind of things happen in movies. I will not wait till the cosmos will guess what I mean and will give me manna from heaven. I take matters into my own hands and act. I do not mind if I achieve my goal many years later. I prefer this than waiting for a “perfect moment” which can never come.

Main question:

If you lack the impulse to hit the road, ask yourself, how your life will look in a few years if you will not take action now? If the answer isn't attractive for you, make the changes.