w przestrzeni serca
We are like ears of grain on God`s field. We carry a great abundance in ourselves. Each grain is a talent. A potential that you can use to have a beautiful life. Reach your powers.

What is the quality of your existence? Are you happy with your life?

If you are looking for answers to the questions how to be happy living with yourself and with the world around us, perhaps you will find them here. Conscious life and freedom are not privileges. They are our natural right. They are available to everyone.

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.
There are many ways to achieve conscious existence. The final result is always similar. A free, happy man; aware of the world and himself. A man who recognized and worked on himself.
Your greatest power is hidden under your shadow. What you fight with, in fact, controls you.
Each of us creates his own universe which has unique frequencies that are right for us.
When you set your back, there is always someone who would like to ride on them.
Question: What is it like when the soul leaves the body? What then? I am only one of the incarnations. What will happen to me? What happens to the consciousness of past incarnations when the soul has a new body?