In the first circle – the house of God; there is a perfect, undistorted silence. The silence of all silences.

The First Circle – The house of God

In the first circle – the house of Mother-Father God; there is the infinite space in which the whole creation is contained. There is a crystalline space of the most intimate part of the heart of the Earth. There are universes and civilizations. Billions and billions of stars, planets and suns.

There is timelessness and the experience of everything that was and that will be. In fact; the experience of everything that Is.

There is warmth and intimacy of meetings with God. White light, gentle as the light of the evening shade. Gentle but also powerful.

When you are there, all you can do is to immerse yourself into it and just cry.

What do you need to do to get there?

Here and now; you need to fall in unconditional love with yourself. You do not have to seek for a way home. In fact you have your home in your inner self. In the most intimate part of your soul. He is living there. He looks through your eyes; hears with your ears; touches with your hands. He feels the taste of the foods which you eat. He experiences your pain, confusion, difficulties of your way on the Earth. He experiences also your joy, emotions and human love.

In fact God never leaves the first circle, but thanks to the divine particle which is in your soul; He can experience everything that Is. As many souls as there are, he will experience as many perspectives. None of them is better or worse. All of them are true because they are experiences.

You are never alone on your path. God which is in your soul always wanders with you. The holy triangle of ‘You-Soul-God’ is the symbol of unity within and with everything that Is. This is the smallest cell from which everything starts. The basic of divine geometry – the flower and the tree of life. And so it is.

With love.