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Each of us carries divine gifts and talents in ourselves. For common good. There are the souls on Earth who with their work and experience are opening the path for others. We are all connected.

Take responsibility for your own spiritual path. You are responsible only for yourself. Even if you love your loved ones the most; you cannot do their paths. However you can light up others with your light. Earthly angels are messengers of God. They bring the light of their hearts to humanity. They are wherever help is needed. From their goodness the new Earth is created.

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.
The dominant feature of the human angel is a great sensitivity and emotionality; or rather hypersensitivity. Focusing on his inner self. It is a conscious action or just an escape from the world and life. It depends on how the Earthly angel copes...
If the soul/inner voice/your intuition asks you to do something and this is consistent with your heart then do it. If there is truth in you, which you carry in yourself and you want to talk about it – do it. This is the right time. You will be...
The first sign is that you think globally. You have a pro-social attitude. If you are doing something, you should always have in the background a cause, that your actions should bring benefit to others, the Earth and the next generations.
For many of us it is the time to learn and work on yourself. This is not an easy time, if only because there is no universal knowledge, and everyone goes along with the soul’s own unique and lonely path. Where you are going; the soul is going. Both...
"You were born as a messenger of light to heal. God and his angels know which specific role in healing will bring you the most joy; so they guide you through intuitive impulses to certain aspects of healing. Some of the messengers of light will...
It is such a soul that is the light of God. It is energized by him; immerses and grows in him. The light of God manifests through the incarnation, who is generally speaking a good man who loves himself, others and life.
This Civilization is moving towards the end of its existence. Part of humanity has a chance to rise and give birth to a new man of the higher dimensions. However, not everyone in this group will reach the end of this process. Some of them will stop...
The soul is an immortal being within the Universe in which it exists. This means that it will exist as long as the Universe in which she lives will exist. Souls have different sources of origins, but each of the sources have their beginning with...