For many of us it is the time to learn and work on yourself. This is not an easy time, if only because there is no universal knowledge, and everyone goes along with the soul’s own unique and lonely path. Where you are going; the soul is going. Both of you are in transition. It happens that we take one step forward and two backward...

The angelic friends

If I feel lost or I need support, guidance, reinforcement, consolation; I turn to God or I ask angels for help. To me, they are bright divine energies. Strong but also delicate, like a spring wind. They are gentle and patient teachers. If I only ask them, they will brighten up my life with a light of acceptance and understanding. They bring silence and bliss. They fill the heart with peace. They support, take the pain away, motivate to action and add courage. They always do much more than I need.

I do not remember about them every day. However, angels have their own ways to draw my attention when it is needed. Sometimes they come as another person. Sometimes I find them enchanted in nature. Sometimes they leave marks. They give me the confidence in my heart and mind that they are next to me. They will always find a way to remind me of them when I have a difficulty. When I worry about something, they wrap me in soft and blissful energy. Then all worries go away.

I have days of memory and gratitude to all the beings who stand by me, support and care for me. Nameless, subtle, compassionate and always present. They encourage me to mute, to appreciate the beauty of experience and settle in the "here and now". I focus my heart on them. I thank them for being with me and for their support. I greet you with gratitude. I send a sea of love, as great as my heart is able to send.

In the moments when you feel crushed, deserted and lonely; God sends you the most help. Let yourself feel it.

You are never alone. Open up yourself to the flow of divine energy. When you are able to do so, you cannot only use angelic help, but you can consciously work with angels for the good of you and the world.

With love.