Doreen Virtue – „The path of the light messenger”

"You were born as a messenger of light to heal. God and his angels know which specific role in healing will bring you the most joy; so they guide you through intuitive impulses to certain aspects of healing. Some of the messengers of light will enjoy the psychic (medium) healing; while others will engage in emotional healing, teaching, arts, counselling, writing, media or hundreds of other important roles.

Your inner guide will lead you to the place and role in healing that belongs to you. Thanks to the internal conviction, you will learn what you should acquire; in practice or theoretical preparation.

Our higher self, spiritual guides and angels offer us help and good information when we follow the path of the messenger of light. This support comes in the form of full and flawless information which manifests itself through your premonition, inner voice, vision or your knowledge. You may receive messages asking you to change the food you eat, the people with whom you meet or even your job and life situation. When such an information reaches you, you know when you need to make the appropriate steps. Spiritual helpers will never ask you to do something that will hurt you or your loved ones. They help you so you could help the world. The more you listen and trust the spiritual leading, the easier it will be for you to receive further help.

Our work begins with our own consciousness, where we train our minds to keep them away from external affairs. A lot of our work requires a change in our vocabulary that we use in thought and in spoken word so that we no longer create the problems as the real things.

Our mission as messengers of light depends on learning to focus on divine love. Our promise to help the world obliges us to impose restrictions on the ego and select thoughts of love, instead of thinking about guilt. We have to want to get rid of the ego-based minor worries, so we can focus the mind on our task.

When I met my true self, I had no doubt that the whole earthly pain that I endured, never really had an effect on me. My true self, which is the unity with God, never had reason to encroach into the painful world of illusion. It does not need an external source of love or consolation. That is why it has not experienced anything other than love. It is the same with you and all other people's true self.

For this reason, the messengers of the light should not worry about what they do. “Doing” is a bodily term and suggests that you have value only as a body. Messengers of the world should concentrate on inner work. We have to learn how to train our minds to reach and be focused on divine love and then followed by this love use it in our actions.

Each of messengers of light receives a unique task to help heal the world. Many of them will heal it on the spiritual plane. The holy mission of the messengers of light is to wake themselves first from the nightmare of ego about diseases, depression and destruction. When we wake up from deep sleep, we should then start to wake up our brothers and sisters from their nightmares.

The messenger of light, the Earth needs you and the sky cries out to you so you can hear the news that you have nothing to fear. Angels surround you with love and they provide that you have excellent qualifications. You must know this about yourself: you are perfect and you are very much loved. You do not have to change anything in yourself, repair or modify because you're perfect. Accept it and feel all that powerful love, which right now is in you."