Earth – the planet of Angels

The soul is an immortal being within the Universe in which it exists. This means that it will exist as long as the Universe in which she lives will exist. Souls have different sources of origins, but each of the sources have their beginning with God.

Originally the Earth was created by angels as a space for their spiritual experiences. In the Universe there are many places similar to Earth. However our planet is the original version of the physical dimension. The model. The experiment which has succeeded. All other 3D planets were creating and still are creating based on this model; but that does not mean that they all look the same. Planet Earth was created by the Angelic Order of Gaia. The order, whose archetypal manifestation (specialization) is the dimension of physicality.

The first souls who came out of the house of God were the Angelic Souls. Angels are the oldest beings in the Universe (according to Tobias). Initially, there were only a few children of God. However with time, more and more of them came. Souls started to create the Angelic Spiritual Families. Each of them were focused around the first pioneering souls. For example family souls of: Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Gaia…

There are 144 000 angelic spiritual families in the Universe. Some of them are bigger; others are smaller. Together they form the Spiritual Order of Arc. Each of the Spiritual Families has one particular ability (the archetype) which defines it. For example it maybe peace, wisdom, love, unification, etc.

There were various links between the Orders; not all of them were based on cooperation, but also on skirmishes. Everything is a part of experience. Angel souls and every other souls; just as we – are still striving to self-development; that is the intention of God. This is their most important task. Angels have a better nature than human beings, but still they are very similar to us. Their advantage over us lies in the greater awareness. Many of them are souls as old as the Universe; so they are more experienced. There will be a time that we - people, will reach that level and we will become “angels” for other ascendant civilizations.

Angels come to Earth to experience existence in physical density. Their souls are like all other souls in the Universe. This means that they are also made of emotions, desires and experiences. As we know, there are not only "good" emotions.
The most intimate and integral part of every soul is the shadow. This is the essence of ourselves, given to us from God for development. The shadow contains everything we do not love, and we do not want to face it. The shadow exists in the soul on equal terms as the light. It was given to the soul from God, so that she could become complete when she left the House of God. The main goal of the soul's journey is to integrate shadow and light. It manifests itself in a state of self-love. From the moment you decide to love yourself; the soul will start to grow.
Angels have emotions and character. They have weaknesses and strengths; like we do. They love the Universe with unconditional love; everything and everyone equally. They envy a bit the people they earthly love. They want to experience in physicality, so they incarnate here to explore the earthly dimension and everything that is associated with it.
The angelic souls and every other souls learn a difficult and beautiful experience. They need it to self-develop. To create the whole; they need to combine and balance the light and shadow. When the angelic soul will reach this level; it begins to grow towards the enlightenment. The remembrance of the source comes back and the joy of life. They exit the circle of reincarnation; which I call the circle of experience. The will to help other people is coming. Angels love people very much.

* Based on “Journey of the Angels. The Tobias materials.” G & L Hoppe