The angelic software – what is it?

This Civilization is moving towards the end of its existence. Part of humanity has a chance to rise and give birth to a new man of the higher dimensions. However, not everyone in this group will reach the end of this process. Some of them will stop at some stage; others will fall. The raised vibrations of the Earth are given to help those groups of people with their transformation. The rest of the people will only experience discomfort caused by the agitation of the emotions which they have in themselves and with which (consciously or unconsciously) they did not work to purify them.

The angelic software is a defined path with the soul, which offers to you by the Universe; God. This path will lead you to the new Earth. This software gets a man which has certain qualities; one that is connected to the soul and has a good foundation for creating a new Civilization. Generally, a man who can be described in one word – he is love in all aspects. It is a peaceful attitude for people and the world; love and respect for nature; the joy, spontaneity and many qualities that will be the basis for functioning in the new world. We will be there as beings of light. Our bodies will be transparent so that we can assimilate the light that will be our nourishment. We will have one centre; the space of heart. All duality will disappear.

The angelic software is a path in which the end result is the attainment of Christ’s consciousness and permanent immersion in God. It is the state of the soul, body (bodies) and mind, in which you become a being of light. A divine being. Then you can welcome yourself as a member of the new Earth.

The angelic software is a long and difficult path but it is also beautiful. It is necessary to rise above the duality of this world and above all that hinders development. When you light up yourself; it’s not only good things that see you. There are forces that do not want us to develop. Ascension is the process by which physical and astral bodies are rebuilt into a light channel from which the body of light will be born. A man who will manage to pass through all these stages; will attain a full union with the Universe and everything that is contained in it. He connects through his own soul with the source from which it comes and with God. He becomes free and unrestricted by anything. He is ready to move on to the next dimension.

The angelic software follows in five stages. Each of them takes about eleven months.

  • The first stage: reconstruction of the physical body.
  • The second stage: the expansion of the astral bodies.
  • The third stage: merging all the bodies into a light channel.
  • The fourth stage: the birth of the body of light.
  • The fifth stage: the ability to connect and work with the body of light.

The intensity of the process is individual; for one it passes almost imperceptibly, to the others this process will sweep them off their feet.