The angelic soul

It is such a soul that is the light of God. It is energized by him; immerses and grows in him. The light of God manifests through the incarnation, who is generally speaking a good man who loves himself, others and life.

This goodness can manifest itself in a variety of forms; depending on what kind of personality the soul has. Souls have their own personality that is related to the source from which they come from and the element that dominates in their energy – it can be water, fire, space, earth or air.

Therefore, one of them will be characterized by joy, another by creativity and others by courage, etc.

All souls are different, therefore we – the incarnations, as their manifestations are different. This is beautiful.

All angelic souls have one common thing: the desire to help others. When the angelic soul on its journey will reach the vibrations of the divine source, which are nothing else but love; it will want to share in the experience with other souls. It is a kind of spiritual help on the way home.