For a new time

The world is fractal. When you get to the end of a certain stage; you will automatically go to the next level. Work starts from the beginning, but at a completely different, new level.

Now we have time to tune in to the new Earth field. There will be a strong need to balance our physical and energetic body. Listen to yourself; meet the needs of your body. Your heart will tell you what to do. We work with all the inconveniences in our body. The Heart Chakra will let you know about itself because we are undergoing transformation. Energy is transmitted where there is discomfort. We can give it to God, the Earth, guardians or dissolve it, transform into love, light. The choice is up to you.

We are connected with each other; with the soul, with the heart of the Earth; in our own space of the heart. This is done in the light of God. We are a channel connecting God's energy with the energy of the Earth. In the heart there is a centre in which energies merge and flow from above — from God; down — to the heart of the Earth; and conversely. Looking at the energy; that is what an entity of the new times looks like.

We focus our attention where the healing power is needed. Intention, breath, help from the guardians of light, divine and Earth's energies are given to help us change.

Do not forget to thank them.

Let's harmonize everything.