If the information on this blog interact with you and expand your consciousness, it pleases me very much. If not; reject them or treat as a curiosity.

'In the Space of Heart' is a blog which I created at the request of my soul. I am describing here my thoughts and observations. I am sharing my knowledge which I have gathered on my way to spiritual development and friendship with my soul. Both of us have a great desire to share this knowledge with the world.

I invite you to the space of my heart. Please respect it as I respect your path and your experience. I want it to be a good place where you may find inspiration on your journey through everything that Is.

So if you disagree with what you will find here; leave in peace. I wish you all the best from all my heart. However, if you decide to write something from yourself; share your insights in the spirit of kindness and respect to the other person. None of us is infallible. We learn from each other. We can do this in the area of love.

To exclude all trolling and hating comments (and the energy which goes with it); I decided to moderate the comments.

I will gladly answer your questions; share my thoughts with you; extend my perspective with your knowledge. I am all the time developing myself. The blog will be developing with me.

Ps. If you will decide to copy the contents from this blog; please provide a source so that others can find this place as well.

We are all one. Let`s grow for the common good.

With love.