General informations.

The "" website obtains information about users and their activities by:

  1. voluntarily entered personal data in the contact form
  2. saving cookies on devices
  3. using tracking codes to record user interaction with website elements

Information about forms.

The "" website record the informations voluntarily provided by the user in the contact form, which are processed in accordance with the purpose of the form function, e.g. to implement the process of the contact with the site owner.In addition, the website may store information about the connection parameters. These data are not disclosed to third parties.

Information about cookies.

The website "" uses cookies - text files that are stored in the user's device. They are intended for using the website pages. They contain, among others: the name of the website of your origin, your unique number, storage time on the end device.

The website owner is the entity that places cookies on the user's device and has access to them.

The website operator uses cookies to:

  1. matching the content of the website to the individual preferences of the user, e.g. by recognizing the user's device and displaying the content of the site according to user`s preferences
  2. preparing statistics of user activity in order to find out about their preferences; the analysis of these statistics is anonymous; and allows to adjust the content and appearance of the website to the prevailing trends
  3. determining a user's profile in order to display well-chosen materials in advertising networks. Cookies may be used by advertising networks, in particular the Google network, to display advertisements well-chosen to the manner in which the user uses the Website. For this purpose, they may save information about the user's navigation path or the time spend on a page. To learn how to use the cookies used in the statistics it is recommended to read the contents of the article: Privacy Policy Google Analytics.

The website uses two basic types of cookies - session and persistent. Session cookies (temporary), kept until you leave the website (eg. by entering to a different website page, logging out or turning off the browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user's device until they are removed by the user or until cookies will expire (the expiration time depends on their settings).

The User can change the settings of his browser at any time; to block the use of cookies or to get information about placing them on the device.

Additional information.

The website owner reserves the right to change the privacy policy of the website; it may results from the development of internet technology, amendments to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data or development of a website.

The website may contain links to other websites. These websites operate independently of the website and are not supervised by the website owner in any way. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations.