w przestrzeni serca
You will not change the world, but you can change your thinking about it. When you will change your thinking, the effect will come automatically.

The current world order is coming to an end. A new quality of life and creation is coming. Created from the level of human hearts, where love is the most important thing. Time when we will take collective responsibility for our actions. We will start think about ourselves as a one big, earthly family. The stronger our faith will be; the more certain our future will be.

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.
The energies from the Central Sun moved toward Earth. These are powerful, source codes of God's Will light flowing to us from the Creation Center. The changes currently taking place in the world are taking place under His supervision. He is now...
We lived to see. We are at the threshold of a huge energy leap, for which we have been prepared since 2012. We are asking for an energetic octave higher in experience, to the next developmental fractal. It is in less than two weeks.
The wheel of life is complementary elements that, when existing, result from each other creating a fragile but solid foundation for Existence. All together and everything together creates the whole - Divine Creation. Powerful and unusual is...
Do you know where you are coming from? You are an Earthling, or maybe a star traveller? What is your purpose for being here? Regardless of: all theories; the history of your creation; your DNA; the source of your origin or the path you have chosen;...
Since 1986, it is known that there is a pulse of the planet; named by his discoverer the Schumann resonance. This is the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth, which value is 7.83 Hz. After 2012, the amplitudes of the Earth's pulse are subject to...
Many people feel bad lately; physically, emotionally or in both aspects. This is the next stage of change. Today I received information that we should connect with the heart of Earth. Cleanse and heal yourself in the crystalline energy of the...
Woman, whatever you do, you create life. The Earth has a feminine energy. It is the energy of unconditional love. We women have a great power within.
The world is fractal. When you get to the end of a certain stage; you will automatically go to the next level. Work starts from the beginning, but at a completely different, new level.