Awareness of cosmic citizenship

Do you know where you are coming from? You are an Earthling, or maybe a star traveller? What is your purpose for being here? Regardless of: all theories; the history of your creation; your DNA; the source of your origin or the path you have chosen; you are undeniably a citizen of the Universe.

The Universe is our home. You are a thread in a great, cosmic mandala. Whatever you do, you affect the structure of everything. Your actions shape it.

In your journey with the soul, the moment will come when you find out where she comes from. You will be able to find out what her journey through experience was. When this knowledge becomes available to you; you will become aware of cosmic citizenship.

'All That Is' is an infinite, expanding space in which there is an infinite number of universes and galaxies. This can compared to a continent divided into countries which are divided into provinces. Every resident lives and experiences in the space in which he resides. In life, it is possible to move and change the type of experience; in a new environment and with new people. The path of the soul is very similar. She travels through experiences and worlds in the galaxy. When she reaches the right level of development; she can move to other worlds/galaxies/universes to gain new experiences.

It is amazing how much the structure of the Earth and the laws functioning here, reflect the rules functioning in the Universe. Earth is a reflection of the cosmos on a micro scale. It is worth taking a look at the rules prevailing here, because they can be translated into a wider perspective. 'As above, so below' one would like to say.

Our galaxy and solar system is one of many ‘playgrounds’ in the Universe. And this playground is not very big. There are about twenty worlds to experience here. Souls travel between them. They repeat 'classes', until they reach a level of experience that saturates the choice of their path. When the soul has collected what she has set for herself; she goes to another 'class'/world in which she is experiencing a different level in the spectrum she chose. Earth is one of the material worlds created for souls to experience.

If you live in friendship with your soul; you can find out what her previous incarnations were like. Then you will see clearly that the Universe is the home for all beings. You will acquire a wider perspective through which you will understand that you are a cosmic citizen. And if you feel lost, you can always return to your inner silence in which you will be safe. Then you will discover one more truth: first and foremost the home is in your heart.

Spiritual development, these are not states that cut you off from life and being. It is a constant crossing of own limits; also the limitations of perception. Spiritual development is an extension of your knowledge. It is the ability to integrate this knowledge. Integration is necessary so that we do not stop on the sensational news; but with new knowledge, move forward to the next border and expand our perspective.

The world is fractal and it translates perfectly to all aspects of existence. After reaching a certain limit, you get a 'click' and you move to another experience at a different level.

For now, let us celebrate life here. Today you are a resident of the Earth; you can be somewhere else tomorrow. Awareness of cosmic citizenship will be very useful when other civilizations will appear on Earth. And it will happen for sure.

The home is everywhere; especially in you.

With love.