Vibrations of the New Earth

Since 1986, it is known that there is a pulse of the planet; named by his discoverer the Schumann resonance. This is the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth, which value is 7.83 Hz. After 2012, the amplitudes of the Earth's pulse are subject to regular fluctuations that show an upward trend. This has a real effect on the Schumann frequencies. Currently, they sometimes reach up to 50 Hz.

On January 31, 2017, the Earth's pulse has increased to 30 or even more Hz. These increases; stimulated by frequent ejection of the solar plasma — but not only; have been recurring regularly in recent weeks. It is a scientific proof that the Earth's frequencies raise values to higher levels.

Important message: let us devote a few moments each day to connect with the soul/heart of the Earth. Thanks to our development; expanding the space of heart and our consciousness; we have a decisive influence on it. Let us help stabilize the vibrations of the Earth. It is possible with help of the space of our hearts. This planet is our common home.

PS. During the acceleration, we can feel exhausted. We may feel dizzy, depressed or simply feel uncomfortable. This is the effect of raising our frequencies. We adapt to the vibrations of the New Earth. Adaptation is not always an easy process. However, it is part of a unique way of your awakening.

2017 is the year in which Schumann resonance fluctuations occur. This causes the planet's pulse to reach even 50 Hz. The ability of manifestation/creation has cosmic acceleration.

Watch your thoughts.