at the threshold of transition

The energies from the Central Sun moved toward Earth. These are powerful, source codes of God's Will light flowing to us from the Creation Center. The changes currently taking place in the world are taking place under His supervision. He is now directly involved in processes. In a word, we will feel God's touch because He works with this world.

We have been talking to Soul a lot for three days. About everything: about me, about her, about the spiritual home, about creation and our place in it, about the Earth, about humanity, about everyday matters. I have not remembered such active contact for over two years.

We talk about what on Earth, what will happen in a moment, about humanity and our condition, the need to return to the beginning, our loss and that we have forgotten the basics. About what is currently happening in the streets and that we have become addicted to many external things. In stores you can see how much of it is. Our life has become very complicated and fragmented. At the individual level as well as at the political, economic and social level. We are divided into every (literally) plane. Both inside and outside, in private, social, political, etc. We are divisible in the global dimension.

We need to get back to the beginning. To remind ourselves of the unity that we are and that in what we build, man is the most important thing. Does the current global situation not give us such opportunities, if we go beyond the fear that pushes us even deeper into the levels of division? Is it isolating us from itself? Of course, you need to take real action, but let's also try to see emerging new opportunities.

We talk to Soul about what will happen in a moment. A powerful energy scan awaits us - the Earth and everything that lives here. The Divine Wave will work in three stages and on three levels. The first stage will start around 18.03 to enter the main phase from 20-23.03 it is the most difficult / pleasant stage, which will consist of mass cleaning of all vibrational incompatibilities, enslavement codes and separate on Earth and in us. The soul says that a number of Beings / Souls are working so that everything does not fall apart at this stage. The earth is weakened.

In these three days, the Soul says not to leave the house. Souls should go to the sources of the earth's evolutionary ladder and wait for the cleaning and reconstruction of structures there. Of course, the soul can remain with a person, but it does so at its own risk.

The second stage of activity involves enormous processes at the energy level of the planet and Souls experiencing here, as well as us humans as the physical emanations of our Souls. There will be a powerful reshuffle at the level of Earth's structures and the current (reptilian) experience system. Let's head towards freedom. Model parameters that change and transform the current experience system will be logging in on Earth. After purification, source codes will be logged in to us, revealing the original memory (before the stage of experience in oblivion) ​​both at the level of our energy and the physical body.

The third stage of the process will be the transfer of the planet, humanity and everything that is here to the next, higher energy level.

It's really an amazing time. I see Earth in the hands of God who works by transforming and healing / healing the energy and matter of this world, as well as everything that lives here. I can't stop my tears of emotion. We're going back home.

Here and now

The process that will start in about four days is beautiful, but also difficult, due to our relatively low collectively energy level and the level of openness to the flow of source energy. They are powerful. For an unprepared energetically and physically dense man it is even painful. I experienced the touch of God three times on my way with the Soul. Crashes with shoes. There will be losses, but it is inevitable. It is never 100% successful.

After the wave, nothing will be as it is in every aspect of our life here. We are entering a new level. In this context, what is happening in the world right now is a frame, a preparation of the terrain for God's work. See what is happening: the world is upside down, the beaten track has stopped. Stop / release system momentum. This is the task of what is happening. People are not supposed to leave their homes, they made supplies. 20 - 23.03 The soul says that it is best to stay at home in peace, quiet, internal observation and experience what is intended for us. On Earth, it probably has not been in this form yet, because we have never before moved so far away from the truth.

You have to trust that what we will see in the world has a deeper / broader sense. The awakened ones will know this very well from their heart. They will help those who do not yet see. The virus on Earth is the first phase of purifying the world. In the human dimension as well as the structures that we have systematically created here, or rather created the world elite. The foundations of these structures have an erroneous assumption (washed, ego, interests of a narrow group), therefore they must sprinkle as contrary to the laws of the Universe, unity, and divine laws. They will not sustain energetically in new parameters.

Long ago, Earth signed a contract for experience in oblivion. This contract is no longer valid. The experience is over. What we are going through now and over the next decade is exiting / leveling the effects of this agreement. You have to survive cleaning.

Illuminated people will at this time be transmitters of divine energies to the material dimension; straight into our everyday lives. They will serve with their knowledge, skills and light of the heart. They will support the process in the best implementation. I feel that during this time I will be able to see my full potential. Excitement. God has made concrete decisions about this world, and they will materialize no matter what.

Tonight (March 14), powerful source / divine energies set out from the Creation Center, which will reach us around March 18-20 through the network of Galactic Suns and the gate of our Sun (that is, the network for the transmission of divine consciousness energy). We are on the edge of our universe. It takes time to travel in matter. We will be literally bathed in this world, along with mother Earth with powerful light codes. Energy washing awaits us and it will not be easy, because of the matter we are and because of the collectively, relatively thick energies that we represent at the moment.

How are we with Soul

In general: great inner peace going out to Earth, helping to stabilize energy, focus, waiting watching the personal overlay of humanity during verification. The situation reveals in us what else needs to be transformed before the wave. At the level of constructs of humanity, as at the level of Soul's connections with this world, with experience here.

States in a wide range: from the soul's anxiety about the course of processes and human beings, to joy and excitement. So we jump from personal light to shadow. At the moment it's fun for me to add humanity. The soul cleans up at other experience timelines. I dream and heal the timelines of our lives in my dreams. The soul connects them and integrates them into one in Here and Now. He connects to the line closest to God is vibrational at most. In a word, we integrate the multiple timelines of our earthly existence into one. It's for the transition. The soul also removes the remains of links with the astral, with other Souls. The heart chakra, thymus and sacral chakra, or creation of material life, work hard. We organize from three levels of human creation: consciousness, heart and matter. That is preparation and general cleaning before jumping to the next level. We will experience one more in 2027-2029. When exactly - the road will show.

The soul returns to Earth tomorrow. He will come to log in for a moment, as she said with a sly smile, "certain" energies, and go to the source of Earth to work. She says she doesn't want to be a spectator in such important times. He wants to actively participate in them, because they are unique in the scale of the evolution of the worlds to date. We all have the great privilege of being here, experiencing it actively and helping others.

Two stick ends

For now, it's still a world of duality. There will be sharp polarization and verification of who is at what level of energy and purification / unification at Here and Now. Those who are still at the beginning will get a little bit of a bone from jump, but also as a bonus will be cleared, which can hurt. Let's remember that until then we have been intensively prepared for five years, undergoing global energy changes, so it will be good overall. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of humanity will not survive. You don't have to mess up. Souls will incarnate in new parameters. Instead, those who are up-to-date with change and are in the right moment of the way will receive quantum accelerations and states of unification at the level at which their Soul is in the evolutionary moment. Every Soul that is currently in development will reach its goal.

People will wake up enormously and open their eyes, gain understanding and stop agreeing to what is. It will change our world because we will remember the truth. People will connect with the divine dimensions of themselves / heart.

We are entering a new developmental fractal, but the path itself does not end yet. We are going through further changes and in about a decade we will finally enter a new time. With everything, it's been almost twenty years of change since 2012. A piece of time and half flew by. For now, weeks of very strong verification are approaching, which will last until the June solstice.

The virus is the frame for deeper processes. Everything has a fixed meaning here. You have to look with your heart to see him.

Illuminated with heart: be a lighthouse for anyone who asks and needs. People will feel lost, they will need an explanation. Let's help each other.  Look around in your space if anyone needs support. And of course, take care of yourself.

This is how it is during the transition. Finally we know / remember why we are here. I eat, my love, because there is no turning back. Let the wave carry us.

Everything is as it is supposed to be. I am ready and you are too. Peace for humanity.

Take care of the heart's serfs.

Ps. Calm awakened hearts / consciousness stabilizes the situation in the world. Peace of heart therefore. For everyone.

Knowledge is the key. Please share who will feel. We are one.

When translating an entry from Polish I use google translator. It's not professional, but I hope that's enough.

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