Time of changes

Many people feel bad lately; physically, emotionally or in both aspects. This is the next stage of change. Today I received information that we should connect with the heart of Earth. Cleanse and heal yourself in the crystalline energy of the spiritual field of Earth. There is also a request to support our planet with love and gratitude of our hearts. Let us do it every day; even a short moment! The energy of love, that you send for the Earth will come back to you multiplied. I confirm this because I experience it.

As a reminder, a fragment of the news from the beginning of January:

'The planet Earth is a spiritual being. We, humans and every other being that exists here; we are her children. Our hearts are connected to the heart of Mother Earth.

The heart of Earth is what the Christ Consciousness is; pure and unconditional love. It is a multidimensional structure where in the most intimate place there is a crystal density of unconditional love. This is the same frequency that Christ emanated. It is also the face of God and His creation; because as we know everything that exists is Him. With the crystalline structure, we can connect consciously through the space of our heart, to strengthen and purify ourselves and to draw love and knowledge.

Only hearts, that emanate the frequencies of unconditional love; will be included in the New Earth's grid. The New Earth is a being, that was created after the transformation processes, when new waves of energy were flowed. (From 2012 to present times; according to my knowledge; the process of increasing the vibration of Earth is over. What is happening now with humanity; it is the response of our hearts to the transformation of our planet; our tuning to the vibration frequency of the new world. This process will continue for the next few years. It will bring changes that an unprepared part of humanity will not be able to comprehend.)

In the process of transformation, we are supported and whatever would have happened, this process will succeed, because this is the will of God. Therefore, let us not worry about anything. Let us live in a state of joy, love and faith in the will of the Source.'

Travelling is more than crossing distances. It has the power of replenishment; if you allow it.

With love.