The power of femininity

Woman, whatever you do, you create life. The Earth has a feminine energy. It is the energy of unconditional love. We women have a great power within.

What does this power do? It creates a combination of feminine energy with the Earth and her healing, endless forces. We have the ability to heal ourselves and everything that is in our space.

Like Mother Earth; we have the endless power of giving.

We have the ability to take from Earth everything that is needed to develop what is inside of us and in our space.

We are an endless source that draws from the endless sources of the Earth.

We are the strength of the divine creation; an unpredictable, infinite goblet of all abundance.

Through the energy of the Earth, we are connected to All That Is; with God.

Let's find the path to this connection. Let's find a connection with the Earth.

The feminine element has been re-activated in the energies of New Earth. This shows that we women have specific support from healing and full of creative love energies of the Earth. We are supported by the soul of the Earth.

The time is coming when female energy will manifest itself in the world. Let us encourage our loved ones to be a part of this.