Viral transmutation - an element of human evolution.

The wheel of life is complementary elements that, when existing, result from each other creating a fragile but solid foundation for Existence. All together and everything together creates the whole - Divine Creation. Powerful and unusual is strength. The unfathomable secret of HAPPENING, which I can only touch with personal knowledge. Only and until. The more I see, the more I realize how much I don't know. The adventure continues. Your development Life goes on. The Expendables.

The soul says we are undergoing viral transmutation as humanity. It is also (that I can express myself so) natural selection of weaker individuals and those not prepared for new times. This element cannot be omitted. This is the road stage. Not the only one, anyway. The unadapted will go away, and Souls will incarnate once again in new parameters. This is one of the elements of the transition process.

I wanted to share the experiences of the last two weeks and the conclusions of the illness process that I have been going through with children recently, under the control and watchful eye of my Soul.

Two weeks ago, my son brought an extremely aggressive virus from school. One evening he got sick, the other day my daughter and I joined him. One day was enough. A husband outside, healthy as a fish. I am at the moment of energy weakness.

It showed me how energetically connected I was with my children. Should ties not loosen up at the age of 10 and 13? There were many thoughts on this subject. I saw / connected the energetic umbilical cord. The rate at which we split up was also a sign that a process was going on. Diseases from changes come suddenly / abruptly and (usually also) go away quickly. Understanding comes, as always, when things are down. It so happened that I started a seven-day fast, i.e. the time of not eating with the project raw rejuvenation, because for several months it has been time for me to work with the body, freeing myself from the food program. It has to be raw raw food and nutrition once a day - three.

The virus developed very quickly, manifesting itself in powerful body pain and high fever. Ultimately (after nine days) angina developed, which is my permanent set. Bay son, daughter defeated the disease alone. We all had earaches. I didn't eat anything for the first two days in connection with fasting. On the third day I left the program and went for fresh juices with the addition of garlic, after three days I began to swallow antipyretics and inflammation. After nine days I take an antibiotic. I know I can, because what was going to happen in the energies happened. Recovery is different than usual, because the disease was different, as if at the energy level. I needed to sleep a lot, rest, stay in energy isolation, in myself. I needed to go behind me, setting the internal antennas at myself. 2020 is the time of individual roads. I did not expect that also in this aspect.

It was / is a time of very strong immersion in myself and listening to the body. Time of mindfulness towards children. My son and I spent one night in hospital observing because of shortness of breath. Research has shown a viral infection, negative influenza, so anyway we have entered the world trend;) In general in our area people are very sick, schools empty by half of children. It seems that the energy-level process is taking place on a larger scale.

I have a time of rest, deep inner peace. The soul looks but does not interfere and is silent, which is a signal to me that THIS IS TO BE.

For the first three days I felt that I needed to immerse myself in this disease, listen to myself, listen to my body. I also have a feeling that what we are going through is an element of change, transformation and leap to the next level. A little test, verification of who / what you are inside. The disease looked like an energy scan. It is about internal stability, freedom and independence, as well as (at the virus level) elimination of patterns incompatible with the source ones in the body and in energies. This is necessary for us to be able to function in the higher frequencies we are about to move on to. Only peace saves us. We just have to survive it.

We are all subject to collective processes. We all go to the next level. The largest internal processes are happening in illness when everything is completely overturned at the level of energy and matter. Moved to the bottom. I intend to use the potential of change, although it is not easy. However, I know perfectly well that it leads to other spaces. This is part of our transmutation. Of course, if you get sick, you need and have the right to act. However, it is worth doing this from the level of your interior, and not under the influence of a collective wave. What you devote your attention to is growing. When you get sick, you'll worry. Why before? Why hook yourself into a collective field of fear on a global scale? It will consume you because you are a minority, and the internal, non-integrated wolves will do their part. Let's think independently, let's feel independently.

Great confusion, collective emotions on a global scale are the signs of this time. Time of change. Stay independent and free in them. It's a matter of internal silence and the reworking of personal programs.

Refute the myths

By the way, I wanted to refute the myth of spirituality that a man of light doesn't get sick. Maybe it is, but so far experience does not show it. Development processes are still ongoing. We have global (r) evolution and we are all subject to it without exception. It is an element of our and Earth's ascension. Moving to new levels means outdating previous structures and logging in of a new one. Matter abolishes it in a certain way according to the laws that apply it in a dense dimension and according to the laws of this world. We are not separate from it. Of course, the disease is not a pleasant experience, because it is associated with energy reduction, entering specific energy qualities from the difficult pole. But EVERY situation in this world has its mirror image (as Mother Soul says). Absolutely and without exception. So in every difficult one you will also find a positive aspect, because it is such a world. A world of duality / division. However: BOTH categories - rise or fall, are the same energy manifested only by different quality gates. Everything that exists is contained in God and everything WITHOUT EXCEPTION is Him. How we assess it from the level of our humanity is another matter.

Life is just, you just are

Everything else is like ripples on the lake. They disturb the surface, but do not harm the lake itself. As humanity, we are mostly here at the level of wrinkles, without realizing the lake at all. It changes. The present times are to cause this change. Confusion is always an element of the birth of a new one. I have this comfort of internal freedom, because we and Soul have crossed our path and freed ourselves from the rules of earthly experience, remaining in them at the same time, however, on the level of internal union with the Divine Creation. We are (self) aware in a world of systemic enslavement. We are free in a still free world. It's a great privilege in these crazy times.

So the only thing you can do is start with yourself, follow a personal path and free yourself into the state of the Child of God. Free yourself to be calm about what the world is going through. It's a great comfort of existence: freedom from fear of death, knowing that it is only a change of state.

You were, you are, you will be. Regardless of the experience overlay, in this case just human. What does your soul call you to do? Time to go on a journey to your personal freedom. The road is the heart. A new world is possible. Just say yes.

I am the Soul incarnate in the earthly world. I AM. This is the only meaning, a huge field that contains everything. The Way of Existence and the Adventure of a Lifetime.


One of our many tasks with the Soul here is to break thought patterns, broaden perspectives of vision and open new levels of knowledge. Change the perceived paths of perception, break the mental framework, open new cognitive horizons. I wanted to draw your attention to the aspect of what is happening in the global process and the role of the virus in it.

At the moment, biology teaches us that viruses are separate creatures in the life cycle. They are not included in organisms because of their inability to survive and reproduce themselves outside the host. Viruses are considered to be intracellular parasites that are completely dependent on living cells as their host. Cells are hosts for viruses / Wikipedia

Viruses reproduce by reproducing their genome (a type of viral DNA) that contains genetic information to create more forms. The host cell that the virus will infect must die (including due to intracellular deformity). In this way, our body is forced to produce new cells to replenish the defects. Why am I writing about this: because I would like us to pay attention to the aspect of the regeneration of an organism stimulated by a viral disease to regenerate what has been "damaged". When a virus enters a cell, it means that it is weakened or damaged for some reason. In this context, it is worth looking at viruses as some kind of cleaning / ordering organisms. Their activity in the body causes the activation of regenerative / renewing body structures.

Of course, if the infected organism is significantly weakened, sick, the situation may end in the worst possible scenario or death. Usually, however, in the average healthy person with a properly functioning immune system, diseases are a kind of cleansing, refreshment and regeneration of the body. My children's doctor often repeats that gaining immunity is shaped by getting sick. The virus, occupying the damaged cell and causing its death, provokes the body to activate regenerative / defense mechanisms. That's the way it goes. What is happening in the world right now is through actions mainly on the minus level, on the fear level. Nobody will say that there is a plus aspect. Over 160 people have died of flu in Poland since the beginning of the year. This information is not terrifying for anyone.

Take care of yourself. Eat well. Keep hand hygiene. Take moderate movement. Go out to Earth's energy. Immerse yourself in yourself. Be calm. Work on inner purity, be in close contact with your Soul / energy and don't worry about anything. Why do this in advance.

Be aware of man and do not let yourself be manipulated.

In the circle of life, in nature, there is a group of organisms called destructors / reducers. These include fungi and bacteria, whose task is to break down the used matter into the first parts, to extract the basic organic elements / compounds from it again and again enable their circulation in nature, by using them by the organisms evolved.

I wanted to make you aware that ANY ONE element of the terrestrial ecosystem is not redundant or unnecessary. Instead of hysteresizing carried by a collective wave, let's think about what to do and how to act to save the fragile balance of the terrestrial ecosystem with which we are, as biological organisms closely connected. Disturbed balance will cause our loss and we will be responsible for it. Although viruses are perceived by science as harmful parasites, for me they are the element that organizes the world of living organisms. They are a kind of sanitary services responsible for natural selection.

Dare to look differently. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. We are part of something bigger. We are part of the mystery of life. Not his masters, although we consider ourselves such. We have achieved a high degree of civilization development. Let's use it for a better life, and not to treat yourself to self-destruction. The revolution takes place inside us.

We have forgotten the basics, so manipulation with fear is possible. Wake up.

Independence of thinking, independence of feeling, turning to the beginning allows us to survive a time of change.

Consciousness is freedom.

Ps.When translating, I use a translator, so it is not a professional translation, but it is understandable and here it is all about.

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