w przestrzeni serca
The soul is your most precious treasure. Look at the world through her eyes. Become a Soul. All you need is your soul. She is everything you need to live happily. Believe that you have the tools to become a more beautiful person every day.

If you want to follow the path of the soul; dump everything and stand naked in her light.

On the path through experience, the Souls help each other because we are all one in the Divine Mandala of Existence. The light of our souls is very much-needed for this world.

Evolution to the level of the collective opening of hearts is a very important step towards achieving a global state of harmony. There is a connection between the Earth's magnetic field and the emotions and behaviour of people. Each individual energy supports or decreases the energy field of the Earth. Let the soul to guide you; for a better life and a beautiful world.

The gift from your heart will help me to run and maintain a blog. Together with my Soul, we are grateful to you. Thank you very much.

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