Immortal consciousness

Question: What is it like when the soul leaves the body? What then? I am only one of the incarnations. What will happen to me? What happens to the consciousness of past incarnations when the soul has a new body?

The first and most important goal of the soul is a journey through All That Is to collect experiences. The experiences make the soul develops; creates her personality. The quality of experiences and the ability to integrate them, determine the degree of development and advancement of the soul.

The soul chooses the path of experiencing. However, in the physical dimension, her good or bad condition is closely related to the incarnation. The best situation for soul is the symbiosis with the incarnation; based on the conscious cooperation of both parts. Thanks to this cooperation, the soul can manifest in matter and achieve her goals.

The soul contains in herself the consciousnesses of previous incarnations. They represent her personality. Consciousnesses of previous incarnations travels with the soul through experience. From time to time, the soul drops the consciousnesses of previous lives and immerses in the Source/God. We can call it recycling. When she returns from the source to continue experiencing; she finds her personality in the collective consciousness and take her back on the journey again.

The personality of the soul is created by integrated consciousnesses of all incarnations. The soul takes this personality on a journey through experience; but only if it is beautiful. If consciousness is difficult; the soul leaves her. Do you want to remain immortal? Make friends with the soul. If you do it; you will travel together as one.

Conversation with the Soul.

Soul: Thank you for not forgetting me.

Me: I love you. We are one. Together in life and death.

S: Death does not exist. You know about it.

M: Yes. But I will die.

S: You will not die. You love me. I will take you with me. We will always be together.

'Always' means 'eternity' for the soul. Find the path to yourself. This is the only way not to become part of the cosmic mass. This is the only way to immortality. You live as long as the soul lives.

With love.