In the captivity of the mind and emotions

There are many ways to achieve conscious existence. The final result is always similar. A free, happy man; aware of the world and himself. A man who recognized and worked on himself.

A conscious man knows that everything is good for him. When someone or something throws me off balance, I am looking for a reason in myself. It has always been this way; even when I did not realize many things. This attitude gives me a lot; it helps to deal with difficult events much easier; now I see it as a potential for my own development.

Before this knowledge; I struggle in crisis situations, trying to influence external events. Today I know, that everything what happens in my world is just a reflection of myself. Therefore, when everything is fine; I flow. When things get thicker; I stop and assess the situation. This is not always happening in a state of emotional peace. When I am confused; my mind begins to create immediately. I try to calm my mind (this is not difficult) to be able to observe it calmly what has just appeared in my space.

'I am a conscious slave of my mind.'; that is what I think sometimes when galloping thoughts take control over me. I do not resist, because this state of affairs always leads to something; it must show me or make me aware of something. Today I know how to deal with these situations. I let my emotions flow; I do not stop them. I calm my thoughts and assess the situation from a distance. The conclusion is usually one: 'I lost my centre because (...)'. Emotions that were uncomfortable for me, throws me out of the inner zone of silence.

I relax and observe; trying to name what just came. Analyse why this happened. What process has just begun. With which part of the pain body cooperates what has come. A conscious approach to internal processes; makes organizing of yourself much easier and faster. You have to name it all, accept and assume it. I let my emotions be; I do not fight them. With time, they decrease and become more prone to cooperation.

Internal confusion is a gift which you can use to change yourself. It is just all about your willingness and constant work on yourself. Every change begins with healing of the emotional body. From enslavement to freedom. You must be able to recognize the nature of mind. Learn how to deal with him properly. When you rise through the clouds of your own thoughts; you will find divine consciousness within you. For me it is silence; just as your divine essence is silence. There is everything in this silence.

You travel to inner silence throughout your life. To connect with it. You travel to your own fullness. That is what we are looking for. When I will achieve it; will the 'surface of the lake' finally become smooth? I believe in it, although learning and experiencing never ends. You can organize your thoughts and emotions; integrate them. This is done through internal work.

Our life is a dance of paradoxes, where it is good to learn to move consciously. When the discomfort returns in a different configuration; I know that after dealing with it; I am even closer to myself. One day things will stop affecting me and I will be free.

'You need movement, wind and change for development', says my Soul.