A series of "reflections beyond the time": A cosmic loneliness.

Friendship with the soul is about taking and giving to each other. Sometimes it will come to comfort our soul in her sorrow. She helps me; I help her. Since we were becoming as one; we experience together.

Together with the soul we integrated a feeling of loneliness. A great, cosmic solitude and separation from all that Is. Separation from life. Separation from the divine light. This is a very difficult feeling. Paralyses so much, that you can do nothing. You can just cry, until all the pain will be gone and the heart will be calm.

God is arriving to that despair which you carry in your heart. He is embracing you with a warm love. He is wiping away all the tears from your cheeks and kissing your forehead. A guardian angel is arriving also; he is putting a hand on your arm. Then there are more and more angels coming along. There are many of them. Each of them are putting a hand on the arm of the other. This is how a great web of support and love creates. You are not alone. You are never alone. You are a child of God. Loneliness is not possible.

Child of God; however lonely you might feel - you are never alone. When you feel lonely; God is giving you the most support and love. Let yourself feel it.