Longings and desires of the heart

Once you will find a common ground with your soul; she will tell you about her previous incarnations. You will understand some aspects of yourself, because the experiences/consciousness’s of the soul, creates her character which manifests itself in man. By observing yourself; your likes and fears, character traits – you can draw many conclusions about the experiences and path of the soul.

Since childhood, I am attracting to the nature. I feel a strong bond with the Earth. I am finding a relief, reinforcement and rest in her. As a small child I wandered in the meadows for hours. There was so much to see.

In one of my previous lives I was a country herbalist. It was not an easy life; I lived lonely on the outskirts of the community. In the seventeenth century life of witches, herbalists and healers was not easy. Maybe I was not poor, but with the lack of acceptance it was not easy. Especially when somebody died because I could not help or it was just too late for help. Human kindness can change very quickly.

For my soul, it was one of her favourite incarnations. I lived how I want; immersed in the energy of the Earth. I ran barefoot with an apron full of herbs or little birds which needed care. I had a hut full of herbs and a clay furnace. Often I sat at the table or on the threshold with a cup of herbal tea. I felt lonely but I had a beautiful life. That was the price. My soul was in seventh heaven.

Yesterday we integrated our loneliness. This is one of the emotions which disturbed my soul the most.

It is good to know and understand the longings of your heart. Looking at yourself; your qualities, fears, talents, likes, passions, body; you can learn a lot about your soul. We are her emanation in the physical world.

When you become a friend with your soul; you will be complete. Nobody and nothing from the outside can give you this.

Have a beautiful day.