Best friend

Before I could just turn around; my soul became my best friend. An adviser and interpreter of the spiritual world, everyday events, laws of the Universe. A signpost on the way to myself, life and God.

Do not think that since we are consciously together, my life in a magical way receives only bright colours. Lights and shadows of everyday life still pertain me, but my perception of them has been changed. In a diametrical way. I am no longer a slave, but a creator of my world. I can consciously manage it and I am free to move in it. I could not even imagine until now, that I can live like that.

On the way to reach each other; we went through a lot of trials – we climbed steep peaks, we marched through more than one dark valley. Through the hell of my own enslavement. Her - through incarnations, I - through my life and everyday life. From shadow to light, from loneliness to love, from egoism to friendship. We have been saving ourselves each by themselves. We have made the choices in the name of good for oneself. Then everything starts again – this time together. This journey is still ongoing. Many times my soul lifted me from my knees, another time I took her pain on myself. That is what friendship and love is all about. For supporting each other.

Now we are going through life together. Can you imagine a better script or a more loyal friend than your own essence? This is the only constant point of reference.

You will not find a better companion for travelling through life. People appear and then leave, because everyone has their own way; to which right was given. With your soul; you are and you will be until the end of your journey through your own experience.

You can become immortal as a consciousness. You are not limited by a finite and physical body. Time or space does not limit you. With the soul you can live forever. Live consciously.

Let’s not stop on the road to the essence of ourselves. How difficult it could seem not to be. Your life can be beautiful. You can be unconditionally happy. You can be free. You can walk the path of your destiny.

Have a nice day.