Your dreams will come true

There was a time in my life when I thought: My God, why am I so sad? How did this happen and why? Where is the joy and faith of younger years?

I was asking myself; is adulthood just about being in suspense, always fearful about everything?Life seemed to be meaningless for me. I looked at myself and others, and in my heart grew a deep disagreement with all of this. Why are we even here? Nobody is happy. Everybody complains about something, everyone is struggling with something.

Everyday life I saw was just a constant struggle of heavy duties. I felt like I was carrying a heavy bag of potatoes on my back and I was walking with it through my life. I missed the freedom, lightness and the joy of younger years. I wanted to break away from the social conventions and limitations of adulthood and serious life. It was a year ago.

Today I am far away from that person. Today I bow down with respect to that person from passed times. I love her and I do not separate that which was with a thick line. I feel grateful for that discomfort which I experienced. Thanks to that I am here today where I am. At the perfect moment of my life with full acceptance of what exists.

It is good to wake up in the morning with a smile in your heart. It is good to be wrapped up in the warmth of inner joy and conviction that everything is exactly the way that it’s supposed to be. It is good to feel the love of the world and the love of oneself. It is good to not perceive problems as a burden. It is good to have God in your heart. In God you place absolute trust. It is good to be in friendship with the soul.

I am unconditionally happy. This means that I have found joy and fulfilment in my inner self. This also means that external events do not effect what I have in my heart. It does not mean that I do not feel for those less comfortable emotions. God gave them to me, so they were. I learned to be an observer of myself. To notice what is inside and beyond me. I learned how to move in that. This gives a great freedom, makes me conscious. This gives me insight into why and for what all of this is for. Why and what is life for. It gives a childish delight on the beauty of the world, gives love to yourself. From this all begins.

It is good to be friends with the soul. We became the best of friends. She led me to the place where I am today. I am grateful to her, I love her the most and my soul loves me. She often lets me feel. This is a feeling like the whole world hugs you. Before we came to this place where we are, we did a huge job. We helped each other in many ways and believe me, not only once I cursed her, when she frustrated me, or when I did not understood what she wanted from me. This is still not the end of our great journey. Life is still flowing, energy is still in motion.

The soul led me to God. To a good and loving source. Thanks to the soul I recognized myself as a beloved child of God. I understood that I am an integral part of the creation and I am perfect the way I am. I am very happy when I can amuse Him, I like when He winks at me when the soul is not watching. God became my friend; the God of Everyday Life. I am His beloved child in whom He meets Himself. You are also.

The soul said: Your dreams will be fulfilled. They can; Why not? I can see that this is actually happening. It is already beautiful. What will be next? I am not peeking. I have trust and acceptance. God and the soul know.

Thank you my soul.