Question: „How to recognize that we are the messengers of light?”. I mean that some people feel clearly that they have a mission, and what if they do not feel it clearly?

The first sign is that you think globally. You have a pro-social attitude. If you are doing something, you should always have in the background a cause, that your actions should bring benefit to others, the Earth and the next generations.

You are able to sacrifice yourself. You want to help people; you want the world to be better. Your actions manifest themselves in many different ways e.g. in ecology, medicine, science, arts or everyday life.

You have a deep need to release to the world the truth which you carry in your heart. For the good of all.

Your soul, before it incarnates, declares to help the Earth to rise and humanity in transition. These are the beautiful souls of the messenger of light. Regardless of where they came from and what experiences they have, their goal is to fulfil what they chose before they were born in this reality.

Your social attitude and the constant desire to proclaim the truth of the heart is nothing but the manifestation of the soul in you; on the way to the fulfilment of its purpose. Because souls have different vibrations/sources, the truth is different.

When the droplets will merge; the ocean will form. When the light will split up; a rainbow will form. However, rainbow in her nature is still the light, which we can see in a beautiful spectacle; despite of all its complexity.

Briefly about the “life mission”: with lightness and smile; without unnecessary sacrifice.

The universe does not want your sacrifice, but your development. First - you, and then others by you. With love, humility and respect for all that Is, but also and above all with a sense of your own independence and power. Very often it is enough just to be; to support with love. And so, what is on the top will be revealed through you on the bottom. When others will see this; they will want changes.

When each of us will bring their grain of sand; we will build together a big anthill.

Ps. You cannot change anyone by force. You will not put your truth into their head. But when you have the courage to be yourself and the strength to carry the light of God, that shines in you; it will make that which lies within only you “to be”; you will help the others. People seeing the love that you carry; will want change. This is the moment when it is time to find the way to yourself. How? God has long ago established a plan. He just waits patiently until you will say: “Yes.”

Angels of this Earth – wake up. The light of your hearts is needed in every quantity.