Who are the earthly angels?

The dominant feature of the human angel is a great sensitivity and emotionality; or rather hypersensitivity. Focusing on his inner self. It is a conscious action or just an escape from the world and life. It depends on how the Earthly angel copes with emotions. The most important and difficult task of the Earthly angel`s journey is to integrate and arrange emotions in itself and also to consciously manage them.

Earthly angels know or feel that they are out of this world. Why? Because they do not fit to the reality of reason and ego. They perceive the world with their hearts and emotions. Everything that is not compatible with their heart causes internal discord, despair and confusion.

Working with emotions or lack thereof, helps the angel to grow or lead him to fall. The fall in systemic meaning. Because what does it really mean to live a good life or a bad life? Everything is a contractual matter and an experience. That is why you can see the angelic soul in the homeless person, as in the famous artist. The life of angels is a game of contrasts, because they do not assent greyness in life; which means they do not accept any compromise. The angel flies high or falls to the very bottom. It lives in the miracle ecstasy of life or it exists in the hell of its own emotions. For angels, the passive attitude of being in the middle/between is unbearable. Sooner or later it will spread its wings or will break them.

Angelic souls love all beauty, so they are often artists. They cry when they see beauty and also when they see injustice. Angels will not go indifferent to the fall of another human being. Even if it knows that the experience of misery is a conscious choice of the other soul. Angels love the Earth and people above all else. If they can help you; they feel satisfied. If they cannot; they will memorize it for a long time. Misfortune in any form; hurts them.

The angel watches the world through its heart and this heart is as big as the world. The angel will help the other souls at the expense of itself. Dedicating and taking on its own back the lives of other people is another difficult task to do for the angelic soul. Sometimes it happens that it develops the acceptance for the flow of divine order and this takes many, many incarnations. For this reason sometimes the angel`s soul curses and rebels against God. But it is also good. This is also an experience.

If you see someone who is helping selflessly or sacrificing themselves, often with the risk of his own life; most likely this person has the angelic soul. They are the socialists and Prometheus’ of our times. They are wherever help is needed.

Earthly angels see how destructive all the evil is and how much it destroys people and the Earth. They have a great sense of the injustice in this world. When they can integrate it within them; they develop. If not – it will destroy them. However, this is also an experience. If the soul of the earthly angel will understand this and will be able to set itself up in acceptance and observation; the path to growth will begin. The way to finding itself; The path to inner light, because angel is the light of God. It comes to experience and grow, always with a view on the second man and the common good.

Angels have a planetary perspective. All their actions take broader intentions not only goodness and self-interest. When the earthly angel integrates themselves and illuminates the divine spark in itself – it develops its wings and it becomes the Light Worker. He is God`s messenger on the Earth.

The first step towards freedom is to overwork your emotions and organize the pain body. 
Earth Angels can be happy, if they will let their hearts guide them through life. The hearts of angels have the colour of God's Love; they are golden.